Become a More Symmetrical, Balanced,

Fit, Coordinated, & Effortless Looking Rider in 8 Weeks!

So you can ride in harmony with your horse!

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Which of the following applies to you? 


πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Do you feel like you are crooked, unbalanced, weak, or unsteady in the saddle?

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Do you slouch, lean forward, or have a rounded back when riding?

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Are you frustrated with your legs that grip, or heels that come up?

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Do you worry that you're putting your horse off balance with your crookedness?

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Do you feel like you're often working against your horse instead of moving in harmony?

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Do you look at other riders and wonder how they make it look so easy?! 

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Do you find it hard to sit the trot, have steady hands, find your balance, or keep your legs still?

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Are you ready to learn the exact exercises that can help you become a more balanced, fit, symmetrical, coordinated, and effortless looking rider?


If you can relate to any of the above, then I have the perfect solution for you...

Introducing the...


8 Week Rider Specific Exercise Program


Become a more symmetrical, balanced, fit, coordinated, and effortless looking rider!


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This program is designed to help you:



βœ… Become a more confident rider


βœ… Feel more balanced & secure in the saddle


βœ… Understand your body and how it moves


βœ… Address your weaknesses, and asymmetries


βœ… Move in harmony with your horse by following and absorbing the horse's movement


βœ… Look more organised & elegant when riding by sitting straighter and more symmetrical


βœ… Achieve independent hands, seat, and legs 


βœ… Become more physically fit, strong, and healthy


βœ… Improve mental health & wellbeing


βœ… Understand which exercises are good for riders


βœ… Improve your coordination and body awareness for riding


βœ… Achieve that effortless looking riding position


βœ… Improve your effectiveness and application of riding aids


βœ… Have fun whilst exercising to become a better rider! 



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Over 100 riders all over the world are enrolled in the program and LOVING the results they are seeing so far!


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"There is one principle that should never be abandoned, namely, that the rider must learn to control themselves before they can control their horse.

This is the basic, most important principle to be preserved in equitation."

~Alois Podhajsky

Hi lovely! πŸ˜„


If you're like me and you're obsessed with becoming the best rider & horseperson you can be, you're in the right place! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


I’ve always been fascinated with how bodies move, both horses and humans. And especially how they move together.

I distinctly remember when I was a teenage rider, sitting awkwardly in my living room with a 'Pilates for Horse Riders' book in hand, wondering where the heck the Psoas muscle was, and how on earth stretching it helped my riding...🧐

I also remember getting a sore crotch from riding with what I thought was a good seat position, yikes! 😬

Somehow, I still managed to become a good rider…but it all really started to mesh for me when I studied to become a physiotherapist πŸŽ“

The knowledge I gained in human movement and neuro-musculoskeletal anatomy through my academic studies equipped me to understand how the rider's body moves on a deeper level.


I remember stumbling across a research paper that concluded that a core stability program could help improve a horse & rider's performance βœ…


I contacted the publishers of the paper but they didn't have a specific program they could recommend...

So guess what?!

I created my own πŸ₯³

Initially with no intention to share it with the world. Just my own secret weapon to improve my OWN riding…

Meanwhile, I was experimenting with different types of horse training including natural horsemanship & positive reinforcement 🀩

But it occurred to me through observing and teaching riders that the biomechanics piece is a BIG piece of the full picture when it comes to riding horses...🧩


Because without being a good rider, we become a much more difficult load to carry for our horses, and therefore we cannot communicate clearly and effectively in a way that enhances our harmony with our horses πŸ’•


And so I thought it was absolutely necessary and essential to share what I had created with the horse community...


πŸ‘‰πŸΌYou see, to ride well we need:


βœ… Proprioception

βœ… Body awareness

βœ… Core strength

βœ… Motor control through range

βœ… Stability

βœ… Relaxation

βœ… Balance

βœ… Symmetry

βœ… Strength

βœ… "Good" posture

βœ… Alignment

βœ… Independent limbs

βœ… Coordination

βœ… Flexibility

and more....


PHEW- that's a lot of qualities that a rider needs….


So the next time some non-horsey person remarks “but don't you just sit there?!”- just roll your eyes and show them this list haha πŸ™„πŸ˜…


SO, how do you improve these qualities?


The age-old advice of just riding more horses doesn't cut it anymore...

There's no doubt that riding more and getting more experience obviously helps you be a better rider...

(You can't be a better rider without actually riding…)

BUT, most riders are amateurs, they don't/can't ride 10 horses a day like the professionals.. πŸ‡πŸΌ

(PLUS research has shown us that actually riding more horses can INCREASE the chances of us developing asymmetries- so EVEN professionals need to do off-the-horse work).


I looked at each of the qualities mentioned earlier and designed a program that helps a rider to easily develop them through an exercise program. 


(ok, maybe not THAT easy, you still need to actually do the work! 😌).

We know we’re supposed to be doing exercise anyway for our own health- so why not make it exercise that also improves our riding?

If you’re anything like me, you won't always do things for yourself….but you’ll do ANYTHING if it benefits your horse! (non-horsey people just don't understand, right?)

Just imagine how much your riding and partnership with your horse would improve if you completed rider-specific exercises each week!


Join me inside the 8 Week Rider Specific Exercise Program and embark on this wonderful journey to improve your riding and therefore your connection & harmony with your horse.


See you in the program!

Amalia xx

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" well as making a fun and engaging workout, she is balancing our bodies and also improving our ability to ride with awareness and strength – making life easier and more enjoyable for our horses." 

"I really enjoy Amalia’s equestrian workouts and am seeing both physical results and improved awareness of my body while riding. I’m sure this is because Amalia brings her physiotherapy and equestrian knowledge to the table, so as well as making a fun and engaging workout, she is balancing our bodies and also improving our ability to ride with awareness and strength – making life easier and more enjoyable for our horses. The workouts keep my mind busy and feel like they are over quite quickly so it is easy to fit one into the start of my day. I notice that I am much more aware of how I feel in the saddle  - both of how each limb feels, as well as my central balance. I’m sure building my core strength is translating to my riding, but I also appreciate the heightened sense of where my body is as I feel I am more aware. The stretch sessions are great too; not to be missed!!"

@nzmares (New Zealand)



Commitment leads to action!

Action brings your dreams closer!

Commit to becoming an excellent rider today!


I'm committed, sign me up!

What you get inside the 8 Week Rider Specific Exercise Program:


Each week, you will get access to:

2x Rider Specific Workouts Each Week (~30mins)

Click play on a video and workout your whole body with rider-specific exercises. Improve all of the qualities that riders need to be effective and elegant in the saddle.

1 x Stretch & Mobility Session Each Week (~20mins)

Stretching rider-specific muscles are essential in helping so that you can have the required mobility & flexibility required for riding. 

1 x Mounted Exercise Each Week (~5mins)

Apply your knew body awareness in the saddle with 8 specific mounted rider exercises to help address the most common positional faults in riders.



βœ…300+ exercises to improve your riding

Every workout is different! You get so much variety and challenges to suit every rider.

βœ… Easy to navigate online platform

The program is hosted on my website where you can login and see all your workouts, stretch sessions, and mounted exercises in one place. If you have purchased any other programs from me- it's the same platform. 

βœ… Accessable on desktop or mobile devices

Easily workout alongside your desktop, laptop, or mobile device through a free downloadable app.

βœ…Exercises for KEY areas for equestrian riders 

I've designed this program to address all the 'problem' areas for riders like: heels that come up, legs that grip, an unstable centre, rounded posture, bouncing hands, lack of balance, crooked sitting etc.

βœ…Workout-with-me style videos (just click play and follow along)

Be guided by me through your workouts, stretch sessions, and mounted rider exercises. Just click play and follow along.

βœ…Exercise progressions & regressions to suit a range of ability levels

I have done my best to include progressions and regressions to suit a range of ability levels so you can take the challenging option, or take it a little easier.

βœ… Important tips on form & technique embedded into the video workouts

Using my knowledge as a physiotherapist, where appropriate, I have provided important tips on form and technique to ensure you are doing your exercises correctly.

βœ…Lifetime access once the 8 weeks are up! (You can repeat the program again as many times as you like)

You don't *have* to do the program in 8 weeks. It's just the way I have structured it. You could do one workout a week if you wanted to. Or pick it up and down as you choose. There are no rules- make it your own.

Join The 8 Week Rider Specific Exercise Program

We invest a lot of time and money into our horse’s physical health & fitness but if we don’t also work on improving ourselves then we might be the weakest link in the partnership!

Don't take my word for is scientific evidence to support a rider specific exercise program!

(aka. proof that you NEED this program in your life if you want to reach your highest potential as a rider!)


πŸ”ΉAn 8-week core stability can have a significant effect on rider symmetry and consequently provide an important method for reducing asymmetrical loading and improving both human and equine performance (Hampson & Randle, 2015).
πŸ”Ή In-saddle only practice was not sufficient enough to promote significant improvements in rider muscular fitness (Meyers 2006).

πŸ”Ή A strength training intervention was feasible, well-liked, and promoted positive muscular fitness adaptations that appear to positively influence riding performance (Lee et al. 2015)

πŸ”Ή An abdominal strength training program could give greater muscular control during riding (Meyers & Sterling, 2000)

πŸ”Ή An equestrian’s muscular fitness (strength & endurance) is important for not only controlling their own position but also for controlling the horse (Terada 2004).

πŸ”Ή Muscular fitness is also important for the rider to withstand long periods of isometric muscle contraction as their position is maintained (Terada 2004; Meyers 2006).

πŸ”Ή Lack of strength in postural muscles can promote rider-position asymmetry which can result in unevenness, poor communication, loss of balance, and injury (Symes, 2009).

πŸ”Ή Lack of strength in postural muscles promotes rider-position asymmetry (Terada 2000; Symes 2009).

πŸ”Ή Muscular endurance is extremely important to maintain posture whilst riding (Terada et al., 2004).

πŸ”Ή Asymmetry could cause problems with the rider’s position, potentially resulting in injury to the rider (Kraft et al., 2007)

πŸ”Ή Riders need to supplement in-saddle work with traditional aerobic and strength training regimens in order to optimise physiological performance (Meyers 2006).

πŸ”Ή More experienced riders appear to be able to maintain their posture and better control their movements to stay in sync with the horse (Terada 2000).

πŸ”Ή Rider asymmetrical movements can cause asymmetric loading of the horse (Licka et al., 2004).

πŸ”Ή Core stability and flexibility interventions out of the saddle could be beneficial in reducing the movement asymmetry in the saddle (Symes et al., 2009).

πŸ”Ή The physical ability of the rider will influence their balance, coordination, reaction times, and thus the quality of their riding. The rider is responsible for ensuring they possess the physiological fitness and athleticism to match the demands of equestrian sports (Douglas, 2015)

πŸ”Ή An unfit rider will not be able to maintain their balance and strength for sustained periods, which could translate to a reduction in their ability to maintain a good position as a rider, potentially resulting in injury, and likely be detrimental to the horse’s performance (Douglas, 2015, Symes and Ellis, 2009, Hawson et al. 2010).

πŸ”Ή A study showed that 98% of surveyed equestrians agreed that rider fitness had an impact on performance, however, only 57% considered themselves to be athletically fit and only 64% took part in any form of cross-training. (Bye & Chadwick, 2018)

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Just imagine how much your riding will improve over the next 8 weeks if you completed rider specific workouts and stretch sessions each week, and you had specific mounted exercises to complete on each of your rides.

What do all these top riders have in common?


They all do unmounted rider-specific exercises to improve their riding!

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More reasons why you need this Rider-Specific Exercise Program: 



By the time you've driven to the gym and back you could have completed a full rider-specific workout in the comfort of your own home!)



You know you should be exercising anyway so why not make your exercise rider-specific to improve your riding and your health at the same time!



You've probably already spent thousands of dollars on your horse's fitness, training, and health, so why not invest in your own abilities and fitness as a rider!



The program is valued at $500 AUD, but is currently on offer for $247 AUD. So for about as much money you would spend on an average trip to the local saddlery (lol), you will get the knowledge and exercises to improve your riding for a lifetime!


5. STOP WONDERING what to do to improve your riding.

And start taking action! "Nothing changes unless you change first". At worst, you'll improve a little. At best, you'll completely transform your riding!



Feel more secure, balanced, and in control of your body in the saddle. For me confidence isn't just mental, it's knowing what to do and knowing you can do it (that includes the physical capability of staying on a horse!)



Maybe you've got a horsey friend who would also love to be in the program. Having an accountability buddy will help you stick to the program also. They can purchase separately or if you'd like to gift them the program, send me an email and we can arrange it.



When you are more balanced, symmetrical, and coordinated, when riding, it makes sense that you will be an easier load to carry and that your aids will be applied in a softer, quieter way as you will have more control. I believe this will make a happier horse because they will have more clarity around what you're asking them to do.



Because it just feels good to commit to something and actually do it! This program will be fun, will improve your riding, benefit your horse, and give you health benefits. It's a win-win-win!



Exercise is the best medicine! I could write a long list of health benefits but you get the gist. Pretty much every health condition will benefit from exercise in some way.



And lastly, just freaking have some fun! We don't make enough time for that! Movement and exercise doesn't have to be boring! Workout, improve your riding, and have fun -all at the same time!


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"I feel like I am much more aware of my body and what muscles I’m using since starting the program.

"I am really enjoying the program, the workouts are the perfect amount of challenge for me. I love the coordination exercises. I have gotten the chance to relearn what muscles are used to ride as this was my way to get strong again after 3 months off from an injury. I love when you geek out and talk about how the muscles work and things like that it’s distracting from how hard the workouts are and it feels like I’m learning something. I feel like I am much more aware of my body and what muscles I’m using since starting the program."

~ Fenya Siepser



*Please read this before you sign up*

Who is this for?


 βœ… Equestrian Riders Of All Levels, Ages, Experience, And Fitness Levels.

All equestrian riders will benefit from the content in this program. Beginners will get off to a good start with their riding, and more advanced riders will be able to apply and understand the exercises on a deeper level. In saying that, these workouts are not really about going hard and fast, it's more about control, awareness, and stability.


βœ… Riders Looking To Improve Their Riding Through Exercise

You are in the right place! This program was made for this purpose. There are so many ways to exercise your body, why not make it rider-specific and improve your riding at the same time!


βœ… Busy Riders

You won’t need to spend hours in the gym with this program. All exercises (apart from the mounted ones) can be completed in the comfort of your own home. With just 2 x 30 minute workouts, 1 x 20 minute mobility session, and 1 rider exercise each week, you will see positive changes in your riding ability. You will still be able to make this work, even if your schedule is hectic.


βœ… Those Willing To Do What It Takes

I've made this program as easy as possible to implement but you still need to actually schedule the workouts in and put in the hard work. I'm not saying it's going to be super easy, but it will be worth it!


βœ… Riders who love their horses

I love helping riders whose motive is to benefit their horse. The whole purpose of being a better rider is to make things easier for your horse. 

Who is this not for?


❌ Riders Who Already Think They Are Perfect

You probably wouldn’t be on this page if you fit the above category, but nonetheless, if you think your riding doesn’t need any work, or if you don’t think exercises would help your riding, then please don’t buy this program.


❌ Riders Who Already Know All The Right Exercises To Do To Improve Their Riding

If you already have a rider-specific program written for you by a qualified professional, or you are one yourself, you probably don’t need this course.


❌ People Afraid Of Putting In The Work

Do you like cutting corners? Do you often look for ways around the work? If so, this program is not for you. It’s going to require you to roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work. But that’s what it takes to be successful at anything in life! This program is no different.


❌ If you want a super professional, polished, perfect program from someone who never makes mistakes.

Sorry, I'm not perfect... I have my own asymmetries and imperfections that I'm still working on. So if you're wanting to learn from someone who is perfect, then don't buy this program.



❌ Riders who want really technical and complex biomechanics information.

Learning how to ride well doesn't need to be complicated. But if you are after a more in-depth technical study of rider biomechanics- this program is not for you. My goal is to make exercise as simple as possible for riders so they can make the most progress buy focussing on what matters.

Yes, I fit the description, sign me up!

So why should you learn from me?


🐴 I'm a qualified physiotherapist and have over 7 years experience working in musculoskeletal private practice.

🐴  My qualifications/registrations include:

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Member
  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency registration
  • Bachelor of Health Science, Flinders University, 2012
  • Master of Physiotherapy, Flinders University 2014
  • 2014 Academic Excellence Prize for the highest GPA Masters of Physiotherapy
  • Published in the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology 2015
  • DMA Clinical Pilates Level 1 Qualified
  • Additional study in APPI Pilates Matwork 

🐴 I'm not a naturally gifted rider- I've worked hard at problem solving my own issues and continue to strive to be the best rider I can be!

🐴 I practise what I preach! I walk the walk! I regularly do exercise to improve my riding. And I know it works!

🐴 I'm a life-long horse lover and multi-discipline, multi-passionate horse rider who loves seeing people succeed with their horses!

🐴 I help riders get results locally through in person lessons and clinics, and interstate/overseas through my online programs & consultations.

🐴 I've read almost every book there is on rider biomechanics and personally experimented with various methods and techniques whilst applying my musculoskeletal knowledge to find out what works for riders.

🐴 I'm not perfect! And I will show you in the program how I'm working on my own faults to be a better rider. I don't know about you, but I much prefer learning from someone who is real and that I can relate to rather than a perfectly scripted boring program or person.

"We cannot become what we want by remaining where we are." 

~Max Depree

'My hands and elbow position have dramatically improved in the saddle since the rider challenge with improvements to my overall seat , hip , and leg position as well.'

"So I am currently on my last week of the 8 week challenge! As much as I don’t want it to end It’s something I can definitely have going on repeatπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ» . Amalia has structured the workouts differently every week targeting different muscle groups that help us both in and out of saddle when working with our horses. She also includes different options for each exercise that suit all fitness levels . I found some exercises I could do at the highest level and others I could definitely improve and level up next round ! My hands and elbow position have dramatically improved in saddle since the rider challenge with improvements to my overall seat , hip , and leg position as well . It was also really interesting to see how different my left and right side were from each other and what they individually needed. It has improved my overall body awareness and independent movement amongst the muscle groups . I absolutely love the stretch sessions that are also included as an extra in the 8 week Challenge. I never made time for stretching and now I can’t go without .

Highly recommend πŸ™πŸ» thanks Amalia you’ve done it again πŸ’ͺ🏻😍"


~Rebecca Ward, (Queensland, Australia)

Total Value: $500+
You Pay: $347 AUD

Flexible Payment Plan:

$99 AUD


  • 16 x 30 minute workouts (2 released per week x 8 weeks)

  • 8 x 20minute stretch session  (1 released per week x 8 weeks)

  • 8 x mounted rider exercises (1 released per week x 8 weeks)

  • 300+ exercises to improve your riding

  • Easy to navigate online platform

  • Accessible on desktop or mobile devices

  • Exercises for KEY areas for equestrian riders 

  • Workout-with-me style videos (just click play and follow along)

  • Exercise progressions & regressions to suit a range of ability levels

  • Important tips on form & technique embedded into the video workouts

  • Lifetime access once the 8 weeks are up! (You can repeat the program again as many times as you like)


Save $50 when you pay in full:

$347 AUD

(VALUED AT $500)

  • 16 x 30 minute workouts (2 released per week x 8 weeks)

  • 8 x 20minute stretch session  (1 released per week x 8 weeks)

  • 8 x mounted rider exercises (1 released per week x 8 weeks)

  • 300+ exercises to improve your riding

  • Easy to navigate online platform

  • Accessible on desktop or mobile devices

  • Exercises for KEY areas for equestrian riders 

  • Workout-with-me style videos (just click play and follow along)

  • Exercise progressions & regressions to suit a range of ability levels

  • Important tips on form & technique embedded into the video workouts

  • Lifetime access once the 8 weeks are up! (You can repeat the program again as many times as you like)


Plus when you sign up, you will also get access to these exclusive bonuses:

BONUS #1: Rider Position Audio Lesson!

With the Rider Position Audio Lesson you will:

βœ… Learn exactly what your ideal position looks and feels like, so you can ride to the best of your ability.

βœ… Learn how to position each part of your body so that you are balanced, in alignment, and able to move efficiently and effectively to follow and influence the movement of your horse.

βœ… Finally feel confident in your riding ability and get that effortless-looking position that every rider strives for.

Bonus #2: Nutrition Workshop for Equestrians

In this Nutrition Workshop with accredited practising dietitian, Andrea Parker, you will learn:

🍏 How nutrition can support you to have your best ride, every ride

🍏 How to improve your energy levels for equestrians

🍏 How not to get caught in the cycle of restricting and overeating

🍏 The concept of intuitive eating rather than strict dieting

🍏 Plus LIVE Q&A with Andrea at the end of the workshop

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Still have questions?

Send me an email at: [email protected]

or message me on Instagram of Facebook and let's chat to see if this program is right for you πŸ˜ƒ

If you've scrolled this far, you might still be a bit unsure..

I get it- I too like to make sure I know all the details and weigh up the pros and cons before signing up for online programs.

I know you're going to love this program, which is why I give you the option to try the program for 2 weeks and if it’s not for you, email me within that time and I will give you a full refund. So you can TRY it, LOVE it, or your money back in 2 weeks!

Love it, or your money back! Click here to join now!

If you're all the way down here, you might still be sitting on the fence...


I get it, I'm always a little skeptical before I sign up for something online also!


But here's the thing-

Something I have learnt on my horsemanship journey is this:


"Nothing changes unless you change something" 


Sounds obvious, I know.

But I see people riding the same way, year in-year out, expecting a different result...


What got you where you are now, won't necessarily get you to where you want to be.


You need to physically change what you're doing, to see a positive difference in your riding.



This 8 Week Rider Specific Exercise program can help you make those much-needed physical changes in your riding, to develop the qualities riders need to be effective, so that you can ride your horse in harmony (and look good whilst doing it!).


Are you going to make the changes you need to improve your riding,

or just keep doing what you're doing and be in the exact same place 12 months from now?


Ok, enough real talk...time for action!


You're one click away from changing something that could potentially transform the way you ride forever:


Click here to join now πŸ™ŒπŸΌ