Local Lessons


I take on a limited number of local students (Adelaide Hills,  Southern Suburbs, & Fleurieu only).

Adelaide Hills Regions- Clarendon, Kangarilla, Echunga, Meodows, Hahndorf, Balhannah

Southern Suburbs Regions- Woodcroft, Happy Valley, Onkaparinga Hills, O'Hallorin Hill

Fleurieu- Aldinga, Pages Flat, Mt Compass, Port Elliot, McLaren Vale, Willunga

Students make the most progress if they are also members of Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy and have regular (weekly/fortnightly) lessons.

Please contact Amalia on Facebook, Instagram, or email ([email protected]) to enquire about lessons.

Here's what some of my lovely students have to say:

Emma & Diore

Amalia is just amazing! She is very knowledgeable and is able to explain her techniques in a way it is easy to learn. She breaks things down into manageable goals that can be achieved! I love having lessons as they inspire me to keep improving and grow with my horse as we learn together.

We have a solid foundation of clear communication and a much better relationship. I have learnt how to read her body language and also focus on my body language to help her release tension. She is much more confident in herself and is very sure of what she needs to do. She now looks to me for guidance and direction.

Since working with Amalia we have achieved so many things. Leading on a long rope, standing still in the arena, backing up, walking together in complete harmony, hind quarter yield, fore quarter yield & backing up with a long rope. We are able to use these skills in different environments. We are both confident and trust each other so much more now.

I feel so much more confident now! No matter the weather or what we are doing, I know that I have the skills to always have a great session when working with my horse. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I internalise a lot of feelings. Amalia has helped me focus on my body language and let go of feelings and just be in the moment with my horse! She is very kind and treats every horse as an individual. She is able to differentiate her teaching to suit the needs of both horse and owner for them to be successful.

Definitely book a lesson with her!! She has literally transformed my thinking and my approach when working with horses on the ground. I feel safe, confident and knowledgeable to transfer my skills I have learnt when working with any horse. She is highly knowledgeable, and teaches with kindness and empathy whilst being highly effective. I 100% recommended Amalia and I am very grateful to her and how she has helped me in a short amount of time!

Erin & Keera

Before working with Amalia, we were struggling with some crankiness going forwards under saddle and lack of confidence in the arena and out trail riding. Keera would be distracted by things going on outside the arena and I wasn’t sure how to keep her engaged and motivated.

I had tried positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and spending undemanding time trying to increase her confidence and motivation. I think what wasn’t working was that I didn’t have a clear plan of what to do in certain situations and what works for us.

I like the structure of having a discussion at the start of each lesson about how things have been going and what we’d like to work on for that lesson so everyone’s on the same page. I like that there is just enough information given and tasks to work on that I always have something to work on before the next lesson but never so much that it’s overwhelming that I can’t take everything or remember what’s been said. 

I love Amalia’s positive and encouraging attitude which makes the lessons fun and never too serious. She also makes you think about why the horse might be behaving in a certain way and what might help rather than just telling you what to do so it helps me learn how to problem solve when I’m on my own too.

My horse is now so much more relaxed in our sessions in the arena. She’s calm and motivated and I have a plan of how to help her if she’s not. She’s more happily moving forwards and my seat has improved so I’m feeling so much more balanced and confident in the saddle.

One of my goals was to canter under saddle and feel confident and balanced and have Keera happily moving forwards which we’re achieving. 

My other goal was to be able to go out trail riding and be confident in how to help her when she gets nervous and this is going great! 

For anyone thinking of working with Amalia I would highly recommend doing it! Amalia is positive, friendly and very knowledgeable which makes her lessons fun and effective. She is open-minded and tailors the lessons and approach to the individual horse and rider and what works best for them and their individual goals.

I feel much more confident in my horsemanship and riding since having lessons with Amalia. I feel like I had a lot of knowledge but wasn’t sure how to put it into practice in particular situations and with my particular horse. 

Amalia has made me feel empowered to problem solve on my own by sharing her knowledge and thought process when encountering problems. I have already achieved so many goals after just a few lessons and I’m so excited to keep learning and achieving new goals while having a great relationship with my horse.

*Please note- I very rarely run clinics* However, you can register your interest in my next in-person clinic here (South Australia only)

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