About Amalia Dempsey...



Amalia is a passionate horse trainer & coach, qualified musculoskeletal physiotherapist, life-long horse lover, multi-discipline equestrian rider, and host of the Horsemanship Breakthroughs Podcast.

Amalia’s mission is to help riders and horses be the best versions of themselves using her knowledge and experience in horsemanship & rider biomechanics.

Her coaching involves a focus on developing a relaxed, happy, and willing horse, whilst working towards the rider’s equestrian goals. At the heart of her training philosophy are the fundamentals of Connection, Confidence/Relaxation, and Communication. These principles provide a solid foundation for all horse training, regardless of the discipline. Riders can learn how to implement these fundamentals through Amalia's online Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy.

Amalia has had over 20 years of riding experience with a competitive dressage & eventing background. Her knowledge as a physiotherapist gives her a unique perspective on rider biomechanics and how to improve the way horses and riders move together.

Amalia describes herself as a "total horse nerd" and has read over 150 books on horses, studied many training and riding methods, and has interviewed respected international horse trainers at the top of their field. She doesn't wish to be categorised or subscribe to a particular style of training method, instead combining all that she has learnt to help horses and riders be the best they can be.

Her passion for horses is contagious, and she inspires her clients to achieve their equestrian goals while developing a deep connection with their equine partners.

Amalia hosts the Horsemanship Breakthroughs Podcast” (available on Spotify, YouTube & Apple podcasts), runs lessons & clinics locally in South Australia, and also coaches interstate and international riders through her online programs & coaching.

My core values:

  • HAPPINESS: Horses require certain basic needs to thrive in a domestic environment. By viewing the world from the horse's perspective, we can develop empathy and compassion in our training methods and ensure that they have a good life and happy in themselves. It is our responsibility and choice to be happy humans also- and horses love being around this kind of energy!

  • FUNDAMENTALS: At the heart of my training philosophy are the Fundamentals of Connection, Confidence/Relaxation, and Communication. These principles provide a solid foundation for all horse training, regardless of the discipline.

  • LESS IS MORE: I firmly believe that less is more when it comes to training horses. Instead of relying on quick fixes, gadgets, or flooding techniques, I advocate for teaching the horse with understanding and empathy. By keeping things simple and streamlined, we can help the horse learn and progress at their own pace.

  • PATIENCE: As the saying goes, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. We need to slow down for our horses, breaking things down into smaller steps, and appreciating the small progress. Patience is key, and by taking the time to build a strong foundation, we can achieve long-lasting results.

  • RIDER FITNESS: I encourage riders to become the best version of themselves physically through rider-specific exercise. By doing so, you can be an easier load to carry for the horse and make their experience more enjoyable. This is not about being a certain shape or size, but improving rider-specific qualities to improve your skill and ability as a rider. 

  •  NEVER ENDING SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Finally, I am committed to never-ending self-improvement and a dedication to the horse training journey as a practice. This requires a curious and open-mindedness to new and better approaches. One will never know everything there is to know about horses. By continually learning and growing, we can become better trainers, better riders, and better partners to our horses.










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I have a vision!

One where people allow their horses to graze while wearing their bridles (without getting weird looks from others).

A vision of loose nosebands, or none at all.

A vision of balanced riders with independent hands and legs, and horses moving freely forward and relaxed.

A vision of horses understanding with light aids and clear communication. Or even when they don’t understand, their human partner guides them with ease and confidence, instead of frustration or anger.

A vision of *happy* riders and *happy* horses, and everyone is actually enjoying themselves (this is supposed to be fun!)

A vision of horses kept in herds in large natural pastures, not isolated from each other.

I believe we can have all of this and still jump, do dressage, and compete. We don’t have to choose between one or the other.

Because we are all in it for the same reasons: for the love of the horse.

This is my vision.

And I get the feeling if you’re reading this, it might be yours too.