The Connection & Communication Mini-Course will give you insight into my philosophy and training with horses through a short video training series so you can start improving your partnership with your horse and ultimately have more fun and enjoyment together.

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Discover how to kick-start a deeper level of connection & communication with your horse!

  • Short & simple tips you can easily implement right away in your horse training so that you can start improving your connection and communication
  • My philosophy in horse training- discover some of the underpinning principles that have helped me have success with my horses
  • Understand how horses learn and what motivates them, so you can cause your idea to become theirs!
  • Start building a language with your horse, so you can easily communicate in a way that is clear and kind 
  • My #1 tip for getting your horse to LOVE wearing their bridle, so that you don’t have to struggle every day before riding
  • How to make your horse happy to see you and cause him to WANT to be with you
  • Ask me questions! In the comments section of each video you can submit your questions for me to answer

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You will get access to an online platform with theory & practical videos from me that you can apply to your horse training straight away!

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