Horsemanship is a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle...

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The Connection & Communication Mini-Course will give you insight into my philosophy and training with horses through a short video training series so you can start improving your partnership with your horse and ultimately have more fun and enjoyment together.

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Calling all horse-nerds like me! You asked for it... a list of books, online courses, documentaries, podcasts, and other ways to learn that I, along with guests of the Horsemanship Breakthroughs Podcast, have recommended. Regularly updated.

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10 Free Rider Specific Exercises To Improve Your Riding!

Horsemanship & Rider biomechanics go hand-in-hand. We owe it to our horses to be the best version of ourselves both mentally AND physically so we can make the task of carrying us on their backs as easy as possible! Improve your riding through these 10 free rider-specific exercises. 

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The Horsemanship Breakthroughs Podcast is a source for riding and training insights with the goal of helping your horse be a happy, light, and willing partner. Bringing you information and interviews with like-minded trainers to help you on your horsemanship journey.

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