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Ready to gain a deeper level of connection, confidence, & communication with your horse?


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Create the partnership you've always dreamed of, learn how to understand and connect with your horse on a deeper level on the ground and whilst riding, build confidence & relaxation in yourself & your horse, and implement the essential foundation (no matter your discipline!) for a willing, calm, trusting, & happy equine partner!

Here's what some of my HFA students are saying:


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Enrollments to HFA are currently closed! Enter your email to register your interest and be the first to know when enrollments open again!

Kind words from HFA students...

🌟Sam & Marley🌟

Before HFA I was struggling to structure my sessions, lacking confidence which in turn was a lack of clear and consistent communication. Missing breaking things down to much smaller steps than I was trying to achieve. I knew there were small holes in my training but I couldn't/ was too scared to work out where they were. I wasn't clear on what support to offer my horse, so I would avoid any situations that could potentially have him over the threshold.

I had a highly 'sensitive' / 'reactive' horse - the thought of rubbing a plastic bag over him would make me want to run and hide, but we were able to achieve this in 1 session using Amalia’s methods.

Now I feel more confident, clear, positive, excited for challenges and motivated. Our connection has grown so much. It feels like a real partnership, like we are speaking the same language. He has become much more confident in himself and in me. 

I love the emphasis on being an advocate for the horses and their perspective and overall happiness. Without this, we couldn't have a light and willing partnership with our horse. Amalia gives you the tools and knowledge to be able to have that really special connection and relationship with your horse.
If you’re thinking about joining HFA, absolutely do it! There will be something to take away from it regardless of where you are at. 

🌟Laura & Luna🌟

I'm trying really hard not to turn this into a big long essay. I could go on for hours and hours about all the ways HFA has helped me become a better horsewoman 😂

Before I started HFA I was struggling with lots of little quirks Luna had and I was finding it hard to find a way to fix these problems. Any advice I got was generally along the lines of "showing her who's boss" and that just didn't sit with me very well. She's a very gentle mare and is pretty docile so I always felt I was just missing something with her. I have always loved the idea of natural horsemanship but never really found a way into it until now.


I loved my time HFA for the unlimited support, motivation and inspiration Amalia gives throughout. She also sets up a wonderful space for all the students to share their progress and generally have good horsey chit chats. I found the coaching calls and been able to ask any horsey question even if it wasn't HFA related so helpful because random issues and questions were always popping up week to week. 


Without meaning to sound too wishy washy :P the biggest win for me has been how much my relationship with Luna has grown. Where before she'd kick out and nip me for touching on her girth or belly she now lets me give her a good scratch and she will pick all for feet up now from light touch when before she'd be kicking out quite aggressively. These issues were specific to me but by working through the modules in HFA my problem solving skills improved dramatically and all those smaller issues just started to fade away. There are so many things I'm looking forward to achieving in the future but what I'm really excited about having finished HFA is that everything now feels so achievable and I know how I'm going to reach these goals.


So to anyone considering joining HFA DO IT! It is the perfect gateway into natural horsemanship and no matter what your horse experience is, it's a totally new journey. I've been around horses 24 years and I never once felt like I was been told something I already knew. There is so much to gain from this course so absolutely go for it. I also want to add I live in Ireland and Amalia is teaching from Australia and it never felt like we were on opposite sides of the world 😂. Amalia is a fantastic coach and a mine of information. My only wish is that I could keep on doing more coaching with her.


Still "sitting on the fence"?

I asked some of my HFA students what they would say to someone thinking about joining HFA...

They too were once in your shoes, wondering if HFA was a right fit for them...


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Enrollments to HFA are currently closed! Enter your email to register your interest and be the first to know when enrollments open again!