Horsemanship is a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle...

Here are some essential pieces:

Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy

Create the partnership you've always dreamed of, learn to how to understand and connect with your horse, show your horse how to understand you on the ground & in the saddle, build confidence & relaxation in yourself & your horse, and implement the essential foundation for a willing, calm, trusting, & happy riding partner for life!

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8 Week Rider Specific Exercise Program

Horsemanship & Rider biomechanics go hand-in-hand. We owe it to our horses to be the best version of ourselves both mentally AND physically so we can make the task of carrying us on their backs as easy as possible! Become a more symmetrical, balanced, fit, coordinated, and effortless-looking rider in 8 weeks!

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