Ready to gain a deeper level of connection, confidence, & communication with your horse?

Create the partnership you've always dreamed of, learn how to understand and connect with your horse on a deeper level, build confidence & relaxation in yourself & your horse, and implement the essential foundation for a light, happy, willing, and relaxed equine partner!

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Just imagine...

✅ Your horse trusts you, looks to you for guidance, and feels comfortable, safe, and secure in your presence. You have a harmonious connection.

✅ Your horse responds lightly and willingly to your aids and cues on the ground and when riding.

✅ You can take your horse anywhere, and they don't pull, push, or call out to their friends. They are confident and calm in themselves and with you!

✅ Your horse greets you at the gate, and they are actually happy to see you and want to spend time with you.

✅ Your horse is confident and completely relaxed with you, the environment, equipment, and the tasks you do together. And even when they're not, you know what to do to help them refocus and relax!

✅ Your horse understands your personal space, but you're still able to enjoy cuddles and scratches!

✅ Your horse is able to focus on you, even when there are distractions.

✅ You can ride your horse calmly on a *loose* rein, and you are moving in harmony together.

✅ You have a super, fun, relaxed, and willing partnership where you both enjoy your time together on the ground and while riding!

✅ You can go to the beach, forest, riding club, and competitions, both feeling calm, connected, and confident!

✅ You are finally enjoying your horse in the way you always wanted, and your horse is enjoying it too.


Want to make this your reality?

Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy will help you achieve all this and more!


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Here's what some of my HFA students are saying:


Hey lovely!


I’ve noticed a big difference between those who succeed with their horse in a way where they are both happy and thriving…

and those who constantly struggle and seem to always be having issues with their horse…


Every horse training method relies on this one thing…

Every person you see doing something fancy with their horse has nailed it…

Every time you see a horse and rider together and you think ‘I want what they have!’...

They’ve all got one thing in common…


They’ve nailed the *fundamentals*

I know, I know, it’s not exciting…

Because you might think you’re past the fundamentals…(I initially thought that too)

HINT- I’m not talking about basics like learning your trot diagonal or picking out your horses feet…it’s much deeper than that…

Until you understand that the advanced things are just the fundamentals done to a high quality, you probably won’t succeed..


Those that do succeed with their horse,

The ones who never seem to have major problems with their horse,

Who can confidently ride at home and in new environments,

And who have a healthy harmonious relationship with their horse…

They have *nailed* the fundamentals of training horses! 


Those that don’t succeed… 

they don’t even know what the fundamentals are…

and as a result, they always feel a bit frustrated, stuck, lost, or confused with their training, 

not knowing exactly how to help their horse, worried that they’ll mess things up or do the wrong thing and constantly doubt their confidence and ability - thinking maybe this horse is not right for them. They may have even felt like giving up…


So what are the fundamentals?


In a nutshell, the fundamentals of horsemanship boil down to three essential ingredients:



CONNECTION - the bond & relationship you have with your horse


CONFIDENCE - your horse’s ability to relax in new situations, environments, and objects.


COMMUNICATION - your ability to effectively communicate to your horse what you’d like them to do, AND your ability to read their subtle communication also!


When you think about it...if you and your horse were truly solid in all the above qualities...you'd have everything you need to make your horse dreams a reality!


 And conversely, problems start to appear with your horse when one or more of your fundamentals are lacking, or out of balance. 

Does your horse sound like any of the following?

And when you have these problems with your horse it might leave you: 

  • Doubting yourself and your ability

  • Unconfident with riding but sometimes even on the ground

  • Annoyed and frustrated- maybe even at your horse, which makes you feel bad after

  • Unsure on how to train them the ‘right’ way

  • Maybe you feel like you can't trust your horse…and they don’t trust you

  • You may feel defeated and like your relationship with your horse is falling apart

  • Even though you just want the best for your horse and you want things to change, you just don’t know how or where to start…



But how do you build these fundamentals with your horse??


That’s where Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy comes in!


Once you implement the fundamentals of horsemanship, everything will change for the better! 


Not only have I implemented these fundamentals with my own horses, 


I’ve taught people in person and online how to really know, understand and implement these fundamentals with their own horses successfully, where they are now achieving their more advanced horse goals.


But to begin with, they were making the mistake of trying to do the advanced stuff first...

but once they went back to tidy up the fundamentals they realised what they were missing and doing wrong.


There’s one thing separating you between where you are now, and where you want to be…


And it’s how you’re doing these fundamentals.


And I promise, when you get these fundamentals under your belt, the road to your horse goals will be much more clear, and the time spent with your horse will be way more enjoyable and rewarding for the both of you!


And that is why I made Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy.


Take what you learn in HFA and run with it!


Your life with horses will be changed forever.


I hope to see you inside HFA!


Amalia xx

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Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy

Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy is an online transformational horse training program to teach riders like you how to help your horse be a light, happy, relaxed, and willing partner.


It does this by teaching you a framework of groundwork and riding exercises that lay the foundation that every horse and rider needs, no matter what your chosen discipline, in a way that prioritises partnership, understanding, harmony, and connection all whilst making meaningful progress towards your riding goals!

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Here's how the program breaks down...

When you sign up to HFA you get:


 The complete HFA platform dripped out over 8 weeks (+lifetime access to all academy content)

Each module you will have videos to watch and tasks to complete, each task a stepping stone to building the horsemanship fundamentals you need to get that deeper level of connection, confidence, & communication.  

 Access to the HFA fam: a members-only community to connect & receive support from me and other like-minded trainers/riders


 Theory videos so you can understand the what, why, how, etc.


 Practical demonstration videos with various horses in various situations so you can see training in action.

(These are mostly with unpolished, imperfect horses so you can see the process not just the end result!) Oh, and you will also see me making lots of mistakes!


 Mindset audios to address common hurdles that keep people stuck on their horsemanship journey

I ALMOST didn't include these but some HFA members have said that they are their favourite part!! 


 + Lifetime access to course materials & updates*

(*if HFA ever closes you get the option to download all the videos so you get to keep the content forever 😃)

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Kind words from an HFA student...

🌟Sam & Marley🌟

Before HFA I was struggling to structure my sessions, lacking confidence which in turn was a lack of clear and consistent communication. Missing breaking things down to much smaller steps than I was trying to achieve. I knew there were small holes in my training but I couldn't/ was too scared to work out where they were. I wasn't clear on what support to offer my horse, so I would avoid any situations that could potentially have him over the threshold.

I had a highly 'sensitive' / 'reactive' horse - the thought of rubbing a plastic bag over him would make me want to run and hide, but we were able to achieve this in 1 session using Amalia’s methods.

Now I feel more confident, clear, positive, excited for challenges and motivated. Our connection has grown so much. It feels like a real partnership, like we are speaking the same language. He has become much more confident in himself and in me. 

I love the emphasis on being an advocate for the horses and their perspective and overall happiness. Without this, we couldn't have a light and willing partnership with our horse. Amalia gives you the tools and knowledge to be able to have that really special connection and relationship with your horse.
If you’re thinking about joining HFA, absolutely do it! There will be something to take away from it regardless of where you are at. 

What will I learn in HFA?

Module 1:

Understanding key concepts, mindset, & relationship building.

In order for us to be successful with horses we need to really understand them as a species, understand important training concepts & theories, understand what motivates them, adopt the right mindset that allows us to make continual progress, and have an energy about us that makes horses want to be with us!


✅ How to cultivate the mindset & attitude that horses love to be around

✅ The 3 fundamentals of horsemanship and how working on the tasks for each module will build the fundamentals simultaneously

✅ Learn how to understand what your horse might be 'telling you' in any given situation

✅ Learn how to recognise 'thresholds' so you can reduce negative experiences for your horse

✅ The 'contributing factor' pizza 🍕 and how this relates to training your horse

✅ How to SHAPE behaviours through goal setting 

✅ The foundations of using food rewards (if you choose to use them) so that you don't create a pestering horse

✅ A simple task you can do right away to instantly build rapport with your horse

Module 2:

Everyday Things Done with Excellence


The way you do everything matters to horses. They are always learning. So the way you do the little everyday things makes a HUGE difference to your horse’s overall impression of you. In particular the way you catch, lead, tie, and feed your horse can either make or break your training session & relationship. Often, in a lesson situation with me, the 'problems' don't show up because we set things up positively, right from the start.


✅ How to catch/halter your horse in a way that they want to be with you 

✅ How to lead your horse in harmony with a loose leadrope without pulling on you or pushing into your space.

✅ How to tie up your horse minimising the risk of them pulling back, and having them stand in a relaxed and calm way.

✅ Help with food manners- how to teach your horse to accept food from your hand without them pestering you or pushing on you.

 ✅ How to embrace the messiness of horse training and let go of perfectionism

Module 3:

Building Confidence & Relaxation


Horses are naturally sceptical and afraid of things- it’s what has kept them alive as a species for so long. It is our responsibility to help them go from fearful, to curious, to confident with us, our tools, their equipment, and their environment. I use a variety of techniques to help horses build confidence & relaxation (each horse might need something different).


✅ A confidence & relaxation toolkit of techniques that you can use with your horse whenever they are afraid/worried/tense anxious

✅ How to recognise and overcome fear thresholds with your horse

✅ Mistakes to avoid when trying to help your horse relax

✅ How to help your horse find confidence and relaxation with you, your tools, and even more scary things!

✅ How to deal with the judgment of others (especially when you do things differently)

Module 4:

Movement from light touch


Horses need to understand how to move away from light touch (light pressure) in order to be ridden under saddle successfully. After all, we want them to respond lightly and happily in response to our rein and seat/leg aids. This starts by teaching them how to move from light touch cues on the ground.



✅ How to help your horse understand when to move from light touch and when not to!

✅ A series of groundwork movements that help your horse understand movement from light touch- which will set them up for success when riding

✅ How to encourage relaxation before and after an exericse

✅ How to progress onto multiple steps with smoothness

✅ How to overcome fear & self doubt on your horsemanship journey

Module 5:

Movement from subtle body language


Helping our horses understand our body language helps them feel safe around us as they know they can read us and rely on our cues for direction. It also allows us to be able to communicate to our horses at a distance which is handy for liberty and circling work.


✅ How to help your horse understand when to move from your body language and when not to.

✅ How to communicate with your horse subtly at a distance

✅ A series of groundwork movements that help your horse understand movement from subtle body language that helps lay the foundation for things like liberty, circling, trailer loading etc.

✅ The 1% principle and how to 'slow down to speed up'!

Module 6:

Circling with partnership


Circling your horse around you is a practical task for a variety of purposes- exercising your horse, teaching them to navigate obstacles, jumps etc., building to patterns, and teaching them things like transitions and stretching. It's an essential, functional task however it can cause confusion and frustration in the horse (and human!) if the right preparation and ingredients are not in place.


✅ The 6 essential ingredients that make up a successful circle where you and your horse have complete understanding.

✅ How to circle your horse around you without them trying to pull/run away or move into you.

✅ Mistakes to avoid when trying to circle/lunge your horse

✅ How to trust yourself & own your own decisions with your horse

Module 7:

Riding Preparation


There are things I like to tick off before I even think about swinging a leg over. I want to make sure my horse is totally relaxed AND responsive. I also help my horses with the saddling, bridling, and mounting process so it becomes something they look forward to.


✅ The 2 essential qualities I look for in a horse before riding.

✅ Help your horse happily accept their bridle without force

✅ Help your horse feel comfortable in their tack when standing and moving

✅ Learn how to mount your horse in a relaxed way without them walking off, and without needing to hold the reins short.

✅ How to have your own pre-ride checks before riding to ensure you and your horse are connected

✅ How to believe in yourself and think positively

Module 8:


Riding in Harmony

There are fundamental basic body control aids that I teach horses as a foundation to build everything else from. Without these basic aids, nothing else works well. It’s essential that the horse has clarity over these things before moving on to more advanced purposes like dressage, jumping, and even trail riding.


✅ How to teach your horse the essential basic body control cues with lightness and understanding

✅ How to ride in a way that is the most comfortable for your horse using the least amount of pressure

✅ How to ride on loose reins and have your horse follow your focus without needing strong cues

✅ How to get slick, smooth aids that happen automatically so you don't waste time thinking about it and being too slow in the saddle!

"Where you are 12 months from now is a reflection of the choices you choose to make right now"

Join me inside HFA and change your life with horses forever! 

Messages from happy HFA students:





Choose the payment option that is best for you:



x 6 monthly payments

  • Access to the complete Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy including 8 essential modules designed to help you improve your connection, confidence, and communication with your horse.
  • Step-by-step practical demonstration videos
  • Detailed theory videos to understand the WHY
  • A like-minded exclusive private community on Facebook (HFA fam)
  • Motivational Mindset Audios
  • Groundwork AND Riding
  • Ask questions any time in the community or under videos
  • Lifetime access to all HFA content (if it ever closes you get the option to download everything to keep forever)
  • Exclusive Bonus Material



(save $100 when you pay in full)

  • Access to the complete Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy including 8 essential modules designed to help you improve your connection, confidence, and communication with your horse.
  • Step-by-step practical demonstration videos
  • Detailed theory videos to understand the WHY
  • A like-minded exclusive private community on Facebook (HFA fam)
  • Motivational Mindset Audios
  • Groundwork AND Riding
  • Ask questions any time in the community or under videos
  • Lifetime access to all HFA content (if it ever closes you get the option to download everything to keep forever)
  • Exclusive Bonus Material

Kind words from an HFA student...

🌟Laura & Luna🌟

I'm trying really hard not to turn this into a big long essay. I could go on for hours and hours about all the ways HFA has helped me become a better horsewoman 😂

Before I started HFA I was struggling with lots of little quirks Luna had and I was finding it hard to find a way to fix these problems. Any advice I got was generally along the lines of "showing her who's boss" and that just didn't sit with me very well. She's a very gentle mare and is pretty docile so I always felt I was just missing something with her. I have always loved the idea of natural horsemanship but never really found a way into it until now.


I loved my time HFA for the unlimited support, motivation and inspiration Amalia gives throughout. She also sets up a wonderful space for all the students to share their progress and generally have good horsey chit chats. I found the coaching calls and been able to ask any horsey question even if it wasn't HFA related so helpful because random issues and questions were always popping up week to week. 


Without meaning to sound too wishy washy :P the biggest win for me has been how much my relationship with Luna has grown. Where before she'd kick out and nip me for touching on her girth or belly she now lets me give her a good scratch and she will pick all for feet up now from light touch when before she'd be kicking out quite aggressively. These issues were specific to me but by working through the modules in HFA my problem solving skills improved dramatically and all those smaller issues just started to fade away. There are so many things I'm looking forward to achieving in the future but what I'm really excited about having finished HFA is that everything now feels so achievable and I know how I'm going to reach these goals.


So to anyone considering joining HFA DO IT! It is the perfect gateway into natural horsemanship and no matter what your horse experience is, it's a totally new journey. I've been around horses 24 years and I never once felt like I was been told something I already knew. There is so much to gain from this course so absolutely go for it. I also want to add I live in Ireland and Amalia is teaching from Australia and it never felt like we were on opposite sides of the world 😂. Amalia is a fantastic coach and a mine of information. My only wish is that I could keep on doing more coaching with her.


Most of us forget the basics and wonder why the specifics don't work.

~Garrison Wynn

Whenever I help a horse and rider who are facing a particular struggle or issue, 9 times out of 10 it is because one of the fundamentals of horsemanship are missing. With HFA you can identify and solve that missing fundamental.

I've got a few extra bonuses you will automatically get access to when you join HFA!

Trailer Loading Roadmap for Success

I'll show you the essential steps to tick off for safe, stress-free, and relaxed trailer loading.


Relaxed First Outing Sequence 

Your horse's first outing can make or break their confidence in new environemnts. I share with you the steps on how to safely & successfully navigate your horse's first outing so they can have a positive first experience!


How to structure your sessions for success

Ever wondered what to actually do within a session? Stuck on ideas of what to do and how to progress it? I share with you the formula I use with my horses to structure a session for success.


Share special moments lying down

I'll show you how I "taught" my horses to lay down after riding so you can share special moments with them in total relaxation and bliss (these are some of my favourite moments with my horses!)


Teach Your Horse to Smile!

Ok, so it's not very functional but it makes for darn good selfies! And also I can make anyone laugh when I show them my smiling horses!! This is something you can teach most horses how to do in 1 day only!


Stop your horse snatching at grass!

It can be really frustrating when your horse constantly snatches at grass when you're just trying to get from point A to point B. In this bonus "grazing game" I teach you how to keep your horse connected to you without having to constantly tug on the leadrope! Yes, even around the most yummiest grass!

How do I know if HFA is for me?

 If you've ended up on this page- you're probably the sort of person who is going to love the Academy.

But this course isn't for everyone...


HFA is not for you if...

✗ You still think the answer is a bigger bit, harsher spurs, a calming supplement etc.

✗ You have strict rules like never letting your horse in your space or never letting your horse be paddocked with other horses

✗ You ONLY want to use positive reinforcement (treat training) or you ONLY want to use negative reinforcement (pressure/release). I'm flexible in my approach and I believe 'pressure' used well can be a good thing for the horse.

✗ You're not interested in taking it slow, you just want to get to the fancy tricks and skip the small stuff.

✗ You think your horse is naughty and is just out to get you.


HFA is for you if...

✔ You LOVE your horse and you’d do anything for them…like literally anything.

✔ Your horse is your best friend. You would love nothing more than your horse to be as happy and healthy as possible.

✔ You're willing to put in the time, effort, and patience to get your dream relationship with your horse

✔ You're sick of wasting time & money on other solutions that haven't worked

✔ You're curious and open-minded about a better way of doing things with horses.

✔ You're worried about doing the wrong thing or messing things up (this is a sign that you actually care about your horse!)

✔ You're committed to becoming the best horseperson you can be.

✔ You're ready for a transformation for both you and your horse



There IS a better way.

Those feelings and doubts you have about traditional or mainstream ways of training- they are there for a reason!

LISTEN to your gut! LISTEN to your horse! They are trying to tell you something!

You know in yourself, deep down, there is a better way.

Allow yourself to learn. Open your mind to new ways. Your horse will thank you.

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Love it or your money back!

If for whatever reason, you join the Academy and after the completion of the second module you're not happy, please get in touch with me and hopefully, we can sort it out. 

If not, I will provide you a refund- I want you to be happy and I KNOW you'll get results in this course if you put the work in!


You might be wondering....

Any other questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact me and ask any additional questions you might have on Instagram @amalia_horses or via email [email protected] 

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Still "sitting on the fence"?

I asked some of my HFA students what they would say to someone thinking about joining HFA...

They too were once in your shoes, wondering if HFA was a right fit for them...

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