Curious about how online coaching can help you? I have helped horse gals who live thousands of kilometres away achieve amazing results with their horses through my online coaching options.

It works because *problem-based* learning is the best way to grow!

When you're constantly being told what to do (like in some lesson situations), or have someone else do it for you (like sending your horse off to be trained)- you don't learn the skills and principles to think for yourself.

Often you just need one simple shift, or a new perspective, or a new strategy to start making progress with your horse. That's where I come in, I'd love to help you!

Students make the most progress if they are also members of Horsemanship Fundamentals Academy and have regular (weekly/fortnightly) sessions.

Select from your options below:


No matter where you are in the world, you can have a lesson withĀ me!

Together we will arrange a time that suits us both for a 45minuteĀ Pivo lessonĀ where I can coach you in REAL-TIME LIVE!

You just need a pivo (click here to find out more + purchase) earphones, and a good internet connection to get started.



Together we will arrange a time that suits us both for a 30-minute Zoom Coaching Call to discuss any problems you might be having, and I will help you come up with a training plan so you can continue to make progress with your horse.

You also have the option of submitting 10 minutes of video of you and your horse (riding or groundwork). This can be sent via dropbox or uploaded to youtube and I will watch andĀ recordĀ a commentary voiceover of my feedback. I will then send this back to you to view.